Planting Day Tomorrow!


It is hard to believe this day has finally come! Tomorrow afternoon we will be planting our seedlings in our garden boxes! Jillian from the RMWB helped me plan out what grows well with what and we are almost set.

Here are some photos of the plans. Please forgive my lack of design skills 🙂

Layout and the plans for what will be in each garden box

Layout and the plans for what will be in each garden box

I am really excited to work with members of our Garden Club. We hope you will drop by and check the progress of the garden over the summer! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!!

-Mrs Doleman


Garden Boxes Have Landed!


We are very excited that our Garden Boxes have found their permanent home in our green space. We are delighted with the new placement; moving away from a farm-row structure, to a more inviting, moving space that can grow with the dreams of our students and community.

The planting should commence in the next few days, luckily before the students head away for summer vacation! We are planning to plant: carrots, beets, spinach, pumpkins, squash, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, and potatoes. We might find some other items growing as well.

Currently, I (Mrs Doleman) am writing this blog, but I am very hopeful in September that we will begin getting student voices and perspectives on the projects happening on here instead. It will be amazing to be able to show the cross-curricular learning that comes from this project! Stay tuned for photos and documentation of our planting day!

Thanks for reading!

Mrs Doleman