Aquaponics in 4Pezz


By: Mathew
Aquaponics is a plant system that feeds the plants and it has fish and when the fish poo it gives the plants food. The plants cleans the dirty water for the fish. Having aquaponics is fun to have in the class. We planted peas, peppers, cucumber.
By: Jada
Aquaponics is fish and plants that help each other grow. There is two tubes. One of the tubes that goes up and one that goes down. The one that goes up come from fish. There is fish poop in that one. The goes down one is clean water. I planted cucumber. It is fun and I love it.
By: Cheyeanne
Aquaponics is a system that combines fish and plants together. It works with two tubes in there. The dirty water from the fishes goes to the plants they sucked it up and the clean water goes down to the fish. We planted spinach, peas, peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, and oregano. And I think it’s great to have plants in the classroom.

By: Adam
Aquaponics is a structure where fish help plants grow. Fish poo and the plants use it as fertilizer. We planted peas, cucumber, and spinach. It is good. I like having fish in the class.
By: Sofia
Aquaponics is something like having a plant and a fish together. The water is absorbed the clean water so fish can be alive. We planted tomatoes, and spinach. It is nice and fun to look at the garden.
By: Jhonerey
Aquaponics is a type of cycle that goes round and round. First the fishies pee or poop which makes the water dirty. So there are tubes that suck them up and rises up to the roots of the plant, the roots of the plane sucks it to the plant which help it grow, and clean the water then the water goes back down. We planted oregano, peas, and others. Aquaponics is awesome in our class. It’s incredible.
By Kyle:
Aquaponics is a garden with plants and fish. The seeds use the water from the fish to grow. The plants clean the water for the fish. We planted tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, and peas. I like having aquaponics in the class because I like plants.
By Yuan:
Aquaponics is a form of garden where you need fish and plants to work together to make the plants grow. First the fish poop and the poop goes up in a tube to the top and become fertilizer for the plants, the plants absorb it and grow. We planted peas, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, and oregano. It’s like having a garden inside.

By: Chigoa
Aquaponics is like growing plants and fish. The fish poo. The poo goes to the plants so the plants grow up and the plants clean the fish water. We planted tomatoes, cucumber, spinach, peas,
and oregano. I like having aquaponics because it helps us to learn science.
By: Aldrich
An aquaponic is a fish tank and a little garden that is together. How it works is the fish poops and it come on the top where is the garden so it could store more food, and the plants clean the water for the fish. We planted tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, oregano, peas, spinach, and other plants. I think it is a lot of fun!
By: Kevin
Aquaponics is a system that combines fish and plants to make the system work. First the fish poo then the tube sucks up the dirty water gets filtered and it makes the plant grow. The things we planted are tomatoes, cucumber, oregano, peas, spinach, pepper. It is good to have aquaponics because it helps the environment.

By Makayla:
Aquaponics has fish at the bottom and the plants are at the top. The fish poop goes to the plants for fertilizer and the plants clean the water for the fish. We planted peas, tomatoes, cucumber, oregano, spinach, and peppers. It’s cool to have one because we planted some food and its cool to see fish.


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