Squash Planters Attempt


Last week, on November 27th, the Garden Club made squash planters.

Mrs Doleman cut the squash in half before hand and these are the steps we followed:

  1. Garden Club members scooped out the seedsDSCN0041
  2. We put dirt in the holeIMG_0147
  3. We put different wildflower seeds in the dirt
  4. We covered the seeds and watered it
  5. We put the planters on a tray and put them in the atrium (some natural sunlight comes in from the window)IMG_0146
  6. We waited.

Here is the result after one week.IMG_3282

Here are words to describe what we see: soft, mold, some seedlings, smelly, gross, weird.

Ana noticed that three of the squash were sticking together.IMG_3286

When we looked at our planters, we observed that they did not hold water as well as we thought they would. We noticed that they got really moldy. Ryan noticed some seeds had actually sprouted when he was collecting the planters. The planters have started to decompose. We observed the smaller squash had not begun to mold. The bigger squash had a lot of mold. We took one of the smaller squash with less mold and decided to try submerging it in soil.

IMG_3283 IMG_3285IMG_3287

What we will do differently next time:

  • Maybe add some worms – Makayla
  • We could try to plant seeds in a different container – Chigoa

Rather than fill the garbage can with decomposing squash, we decided to start trying out our indoor composter. We sprinkled Bokashi on the bottom, and started squishing the squash so that there was more surface area exposed (we used gloves of course!). The result was some gagging, and almost a full container. We are going to observe its progress. The planting itself doesn’t seem to be a success, but we are learning about decomposition, seeds, and composting.

IMG_3288 IMG_3289 IMG_3292 IMG_3293Written by Mrs Doleman and members of the Garden Club



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