Ornaments and Compost Tea


This week we decided to try making Christmas ornaments using oranges and cloves. It is recommended that you use an actual orange rather than a Mandarin, but we will see how they turn out!

The most important thing is to cover most of the Orange with cloves as the cloves act as a preservation tool. If done correctly, the ornament should last a few years. We loved the way they smelled and had fun deciding on different patterns and designs.


The second thing we did this week was check on our indoor composter. We drained the compost tea out. Compost tea is not for human consumption, it is for plants! We diluted it with water and added it to Mrs Doleman’s aloe plant. We will see if it likes this flavour.


Lastly, we have started to work on videos to accompany our garden club days. As we get the proper permissions and editing figured out you will see more about that. We are excited to get started!

Next week we will be working on making a small Christmas arrangement.


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