Father JA Turcotte OMI School has students from Early Entry up to grade 6. This garden has been created in collaboration with the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo’s Learning Garden program.

The students started participating in a garden club in the fall of 2013. This involved planting seeds and eventually transporting them into tower gardens (which use an aeroponic system to grow the plants, effectively dripping fertilized water onto the roots on a timer). The students have been able to sample lettuce, kale, and sweet peas from these gardens and we have been attempting to grow other items like cucumber, tomatoes, squash etc.

We decided that we would like to try traditional gardening as well and applied to be part of the Learning Garden program put on by the RMWB. This is the start of our journey. This program also inspired the school to apply for an A Plus for Energy Grant through BP that focused on decreasing petroleum use by growing our own produce. We are excited to see where this project takes our school as well as the surrounding community members we hope to involve.

Thank you for taking interest in our journey, and we hope you learn something along the way with us!


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